Wednesday, 9 July 2008

8th July 08

Date: 8th July 08
Location: Jeffereys Bay, South Africa
Weather: Grey, overcast and light rain, wind strong offshore. Waves cooking! 18°c
Status: Happy and ready for the next one…..

A gorgeous sunrise from the tent this morning over the Indian Ocean which quickly deteriorated as the clouds gathered and the wind picked up in speed until by mid morning the rain had started for the first time in absolutely ages, darn it.

A lazy day waiting around for Kees and the Watkins family to arrive, they’ve slowly been making their way down the from Pretoria where they’ve been getting passports renewed. The intention is to meet up with them all again for the trip west along the coast to Cape Town and the head north from there.

As the Billabong Pro surfing contest is on for the next ten days we, Alex, Ben and I, walked into town and soaked up the atmosphere of the festival, did some shopping and watched the empty waves for a while, had a beer in a Mexican bar and returned in time for a late lunch.

Bre, the family and Kees & crew turned up as the sun was going down and it was awesome to see them all again, we chatted for hours by the bar and started to try and plan the next few days and weeks of travel together./

Cold night and bed late.

End of day location: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Distance covered: 0kms

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