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2nd July 08

Date: 2nd July 08
Location: Bulungula , South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, cold at nights though. 10 - 32°c
Status: Relaxed and recovering

Coffee Bay is well known for being a great place to relax, listen to the ocean and walk along the cliff tops to the hidden little coves and beaches which add to this part of the SA’s aptly named ‘The Wild Coast’.

We stayed at the Coffee Shack for our three night stay, the girls on one side of the river in the camping and dorm, and I on the other side in a space big enough to get the Landie parked up securely. Being separated by the river meant a drive through on a daily basis and sometimes that meant dipping the tyres just enough to get them wet, and sometimes it meant driving through 2ft of running water – the Colonel had no problems!

I’d spoken to a few friends while in Port Edward and had discussed their week’s holiday was at the same time as we’d be in Coffee Bay, but about 12kms north of where were so one afternoon we hit the dirt road and set out to find them. African directions are usually shocking but Rich and Karen’s were impeccable and we found the place with no problems and were amazed by the beauty of the place they were staying at. A little cottage right on the waters edge as the river takes its final twist into the ocean, it’s a place that’s been in the family for 80 years and is now let out but has also retained its original charm as its totally decked out with fishing related odds n sods!

We settled in as they kindly offered us beds for the next few nights, rigged up some livebait to try and catch some dinner in the river and sat round the fire with a good cold beer. Almost as cold as the outside air temp which had dropped to almost 13°c!!

Rich did eventually have a scream from his reel and jumped to attention grabbing the disappearing line. After a mighty 10min struggle he landed the 60cms long Zambezi shark….not a monster but amusement for the night.

Got up early and headed out for a jog up one of the hills and could still feel the slight after effects of the Comrades, 10 days previous. My knees are still sore round the tendons and order to complete the Knysna marathon on July 12th I’ll have to take it steady on these more demanding hilly practice runs.

On the morning of the 2nd we got up early in time for a stunning sunrise, had a bite of breakfast and made our way to the Colonel who was all packed up and ready to move on again. I will meet up with Rich again on the trip as he wants to spend some time in Livingstone, Zambia and our calendars fall into place beautifully!

Drove 65kms south along the coast on some very small back roads, crossing the occasional river and through some good muddy sections until we came to a steep drop down the side of one of the hills requiring 4WD L/range and nothing else, we crept down the tricky part and eventually were out onto the sandy beach area where our resting spot for the night was located, Bulangulu Backpackers – accessible only by their 4WD taxi or your own. A stunning, on the beach location which was pretty devoid of people too. Very relaxing.

Early to bed

End of day location: Bulungula, South Africa
Distance covered: 65kms

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