Tuesday, 10 June 2008

10th June 08

Date: 10th June 08

Location: Port Edward, South Africa

Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, chilly at 24°c

Status: Preparing for the next week….

The countdown is on, there are 5 days to go until I take on the biggest challenge of my life, I feel scared, nervous, unfit but mentally prepared to take on the Comrades. To keep the legs moving and the joints free I went for a light jog, it won’t do much for my stamina levels but will allow me to keep everything moving along for now.

I took to Colonel into Port Shepstone to my good friend Bryan Taylors workshop at M&F Tractor Parts and finished off the installation of my fridge. Its so much better than the last one, smaller, quieter, more efficient and even has a cute little freezer for emergency beer-chilling!

Had dinner with Bryan, Nicolene and his parents and went to bed.

Another day of vehicle maintenance tomorrow….

End of day location: Port Edward, South Africa

Distance covered: 60kms

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