Monday 2 June 2008

27th May 08

Date: 26th May 08

Location: Lubango, Angola

Weather: Clear blue skies and ‘Simpsons’ clouds. 27°c

Status: Marching south full of expectation….

Another early start as we left the quarry at 5.00am and hit the road south again for what we hoped would be the final day of driving in Angola. If we made it to the border we’d be inside our visa requirements and not be liable for the $150 per day fine!

Straight onto good tarmac for the first 100kms, good only another 360 to go! Slowly as we got closer to the border the surface changed from tarmac to broken tarmac to gravel and then lumpy gravel and the average speed suffered accordingly, but just we thought we might not make it in time the road became smooth and we reeled off the remaining kms in relatively no time at all, just one scare as Kees broke a fanbelt but we got it fixed and moved on again.

Arrived at the Angolan/Namibian border in high spirits and had to deal with the usual crap African diplomacy and no-one-knows-whats-going-on system! We were passed from office to office within the compound and finally got to the right desk an hour after arriving….its almost like they want to see us outstay our visas!

Had the passports and carnet stamped at passed through in to Namibia and within an hour were on the road again heading south east in a country that felt much more familiar as the road signs are the same as South African, we’re driving on the left hand side of the road again for the first time in 6 months and we’d made it through Central Africa exactly as planned!

Pulled into Ondangwa town and found the little bush camp which was wicked, big duck pond with campsites right next to it! Everyone was in the best of moods as we’d made it and this was our first little taste of civilisation – the sort we’re used to, in 2 months! To the bar for beer, biltong and fillet steak as its Namibia and everything is still filthy cheap!


End of day location: Ondangwa, Namibia

Distance covered: 485kms

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