Wednesday 25 June 2008

18th June 08

Date: 18th June 08
Location: Port Edward, South Africa
Weather: Stormy….really stormy, wet and windy. 22°c
Status: Ben – feeling much better, Colonel – in being serviced

Woke up feeling much better, the muscles no longer ache and its now just the knees which will take another day or so to recover and be back to normal….i’ll be running again tomorrow!

During the night I woke a few times as the wind and rain outside my window were howling and lashing down, a low pressure system is sitting over the country and directly over the KZN coastline resulting in the 90mm of rain we had and also the tree down across the Taylor’s road – damn it, the one day I could test out my winch and the Colonel’s in being serviced!!

Helped Mr T clear the rain in the driving rain equipped in shorts and flip flops, most suitable! Creepers, even the Congo didn’t have rain quite as hard as this! Drove to the beach with Alex and Mr & Mrs T to see the state of the ocean and it was impressive – chocolate brown with huge tree stumps floating around a real mess and definitely not sardine beaching weather. The locals are saying that this has probably scared them away for the year now, shame.

Dried out and watched movies most of the morning, then headed to Lance’s in the afternoon to finish off some outstanding jobs on the Colonel. Grabbed a lift home with Bryan and had roast chicken, watched a movie and went to bed.

End of day location: Port Edward, South Africa
Distance covered: 25kms

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