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31st May 08

Date: 31st May 08

Location: Etosha NP, Namibia

Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine again…..30°c

Status: Off searching for game again!

Up early again for our final day of game viewing in the park so this time hit the roads to the west of where our camp site’s located and almost instantly we found some more interesting animals. First one, then two, then five more until there were 20 giraffes on the side of the road next to us in between the bushes and trees, awesome.

Moved on and 200yds down the road a mother rhino and her baby appeared briefly before dashing back into the bushes for cover. Springbok and Impala everywhere, zebra dashing out of the road, and giraffe dotting the horizon….this was turning into a good day of game viewing.

Stopped at one of the other camps for a brief bite of lunch, smoked salmon in rolls taken from the buffet the night before, and a magnum before heading back out onto the road.

The last part of our interaction with the park was the best as we drove for 20kms and the bushes thinned out until we were left with grassland savannah and in the distance saw at least 20 giraffe, 30 zebra and numerous gazelles….all trying to get to a waterhole. They couldn’t for one reason…there were 8 lion sitting lazily in the afternoon in sun relaxing by the water!

We sat for a couple of hours watching their lazy movements and then headed out of the park through the south gate and to another campsite with good facilities we’d heard about from some friends earlier in the trip, Etosha Safari Camp

Jumped in the pool, had some dinner and went to bed. Windhoek tomorrow….

End of day location: Etosha Safari Camp, Namibia

Distance covered: 180kms

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