Monday 9 June 2008

5th June 08

Date: 5th June 08
Location: Maltahohe, Namibia
Weather: Clear blue skies and flippin freezing in the night down to 3°c, up to 27°c
Status: Out of Namibia today, another puncture for the Colonel

Another day on the road and the plan was to get to the border as soon via Fish River Canyon in the south of the country. A good road got us there in no time and we approached the canyon from the east and as we got to within a few kms of it we passed through a couple of impressive steep mountain passes which got the brakes of both vehicles warmed up to the point of almost smoking!

We arrived at the first viewpoint and it was pretty damn special, a huge view into the distance which sees the Fish River meandering through the sedimentary rock which over the past millennia has carved a mini Grand Canyon into the landscape. Took loads of shots and headed to the next viewpoint for another view of the vastness before us.

The border lay another 200kms away and on the good roads we made it there in a little over 2 hours. Amazing what sort of distance you can cover when you don’t have the big truck following to worry about all of the time!

Crossed the border with little problem, filled in my VAT return for the fridge I’d bought in Windhoek ready to send off and even Patricks importing of his UK registered Nissan went smoothly after we’d got the right person to talk to.

Drove for a few more hours before getting to the very Afrikaans town of Springbok and had a pizza before heading to the local campsite for a well earned rest.

End of day location: Springbok, South Africa
Distance covered: 521kms

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