Wednesday, 25 June 2008

19th June 08

Date: 19th June 08
Location: Port Edward, South Africa
Weather: Rain and wind, clearing throughout the day. 24°c
Status: Ben and Colonel – both repaired and ready to continue!

Spent the morning sorting out the boxes and contents of the car as tomorrow I have to try and fit every thing back in again…..and there’s been a fair bit bought since then to enable me to climb the mountains safely!

Headed over to Lance’s garage at lunchtime to collect the Colonel from his check over but didn’t end up leaving until late afternoon as there was still a fair amount of work to be done but did get given a bottle of stupidly hot chilli sauce to take away with me by Steve, the excellent mechanic, which should last well into north Africa!

Took Mr & Mrs Taylor and Bryan and Nix out to dinner to say thank you for allowing us to stay with them and feeding us both over the last week or so, to Glenmore Sands Hotel. Its all been redesigned and the layout and food was superb!

Headed to the pub to meet some friends Bronwyn and Dave (wicked people) for some bedtime drinks before sloping off to bed.

End of day location: Port Edward, South Africa
Distance covered: 25kms

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