Monday, 2 June 2008

15th May 08

Date: 15th May 08

Location: Brazzaville, Congo

Weather: Blue skies in the morning clouding over in the evening, humid. 34°c

Status: Waiting waiting waiting……

Up after a little lie in and then off to the embassy to collect what we hoped would be the letter which would carry us off to the next stage of our trip. Arrived there as arranged at midday but were told that it wouldn’t be dome until 13.30hrs , so headed back to the camp via a Total station to buy new oil for the car for another service to keep the Colonel’s heart ticking along healthily. Even found exactly the right product!

Cleaned and swept out the entire vehicle and drive back to the Total station to have the service finished as they only charge £1.50 to have the filter and oil changed if you buy their products, much easier than me doing it this time too!

Back to the embassy at the right time but still had to wait for 2hrs for them to finish the details on the letter – another good example of African time! Finally had the document we desperately needed and made our way to the supermarket we’d spotted earlier in the day to stock up on last minute goodies for the next ten days of hardship as we drive south as quickly as possible.

Had dinner in the restaurant and tried to watch the UEFA cup final but the satellite signal was down and as a result Olivier the manager gave us dinner at half price….bargain!


End of day location: Brazzaville, Congo

Distance covered: 24kms

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