Monday 9 June 2008

2nd June 08

Date: 2nd June 08

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Weather: Stormy in the night, clear in the day. 28°c

Status: Preparing to leave some of the group, very sad day ahead.

Mission on for the day. I’d decided back in Ghana that I would replace my current 80l fridge with a more useable sized and placed 45l fridge. It would benefit me in a number of ways; less drain on the battery, free up the area in the rear of the colonel by moving the fridge into the space between to two rear seats and give me the option of carrying 4 people comfortably with no bags on the roof – essential for South Africa with its crime problems!

Spent the morning driving round various outlets to get prices and found a 45l fridge with 10l freezer for sale at less than the price in South Africa…where its made! Bought it together with a thermal cover and once back at camp removed the old one for Kees and temporarily fitted the new one between the rear seats….how much space have I now got in there!!!!!

It was the groups last night together so we all headed out to Joe’s Beer House, a popular overlanders haunt in town and enjoyed an evening of merriment and excessive meat and beer.

Cold night so cuddled up close next to Bre as it was our last night together for the next 6 weeks at least as she will leave with her family and Kees and I will go to Durban. Our paths will cross again asap but more than likely in Mozambique or Zambia. Life sucks again.

End of day location: Windhoek, Namibia

Distance covered: 10kms

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