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24th May 08

Date: 24th May 08

Location: N’zeto, Angola

Weather: Cloudy skies with the occasional burst of sunshine, 28°c

Status: Slowly but surely moving towards the south. Colonel being bumped around like never before.

A stunning beach side campsite was what greeted me as I looked out of the tent for the first time in daylight this morning. The Atlantic waves crashing onto the sandy shore was a wicked place to wake up, stuffed down some cereal and hit the road expecting much of the same as yesterday.

Except that is was worse, really bumpy and washed out in places with an average speed of 32km/h over the first 4 hrs of the day. It was really depressing as the big truck just couldn’t keep up any sort of pace and I could feel our chances of getting to the border within the 5 days that the visa allows slowly slipping away and a big fine staring us all in the face!

Hit the outskirts of the capital and then the road works, oh and my god - are there some road works! Angola is hosting the African Cup in 2 years time and it seems they’re changing every engineering project within the capital to make it happen…with the help of thousands of Chinese workers to reach the deadline in time! Roads are being built, bridges erected, stadiums built and even land reclaimed from the ocean in the harbour area and this extends all across the city. Major work = major holdups and dust clouds covering the city. Hmmm another classic African experience.

Had the waypoint for the yacht club on the posh side of the city so made our way through the Saturday afternoon traffic until we found it, a relaxed little Portuguese style club house with bar and restaurant so had a steak burger with cheese, egg and fries…..damn gorgeous if a little expensive. Luanda is the third most expensive city in Africa and you’d know it as soon as you come down the hill and see the docks, oil rigs and marina – its almost like the south of France crossed with a military port.

Once we established ourselves there we headed back out to find the supermarket, got there and it was closed, headed to the petrol station to refuel and found THE cheapest diesel of the trip so far…..110 litres for £19.50! So Jerry cans filled too….

Went back to the marina and setup camp for the night. Early to bed as we’re up at 4am to get a good early start on the roads tomorrow as we expect another battle and onslaught from the crap surfaces.


End of day location: Luande, Angola

Distance covered: 279kms

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